About us

Located at Anchang town (1,000 years' old), Shaoxing Keqiao Chenhong Textile Co., Ltd. enjoys good location for it is next to China Light Textile City (the biggest textile distributing center in Asia); moreover, we are only 30km and 2km away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and Keqiao exit of Hangyong expressway separately, thus we enjoy excellent conditions for further development and business cooperation among enterprises.

At present, Chenhong is a modern designing, trading and warehousing enterprise. Relying on experienced technicians, we now mainly produce and process Warp-knitted velvet, Pile-down,Herringbone,Jeannet, H.K. tweed, gigging products, sheep cashmere, wool spinning products, Aoli velvet (pebble GGT), fashion hemp, home textiles, double-sided plush blankets, 3-in-one home fabrics, printing cloths, ponte di roma, cotton cloths, men's clothing, double-sided plush, and so on.

We take "customer supreme, honest business, excellent quality" as business model and own steady customer resources. Please feel free to contact us, both of your calls and mails are highly appreciated! We also welcome you to offer us samples or cooperate with us on the development of new products; we aim for mutual benefits and development!

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